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Country Classic Car Club

association email:

Association’s theme:  Classic cars and specialty vehicles

Meeting information:  1st Wed of month ( cold months only)

Sell Your Manitoba Cottage

Winnipeg  Auto Car  Finance

Cruisin the Peg

assoc email:  cruisin’thepeg@canadinns.comAssociation’s theme:  Providing a fun and safe gathering place for all car enthusiasts and collectors

Winnipeg Downtown Theme Rooms

Pet Friendly Hotel Winnipeg

Fish Lake Manitoba Narrows Bass

Borderland Auto Club

Borderland Auto Club

Association email:

Association’s theme :  Member’s from Manitoba and North Dakota

No meeting information available or listed

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RockBand  Wpg

Winnipeg Downtown Theme Rooms

Pet Friendly Hotel Winnipeg

Winnipeg Auto Com

AMC Manitoba Car Club

AMC Manitoba Car Club

3 Mc Murray Bay


Association phone :  204-256-7639

Assoc email :

Association’s theme:  dedicated to assist all AMC and related company hobbyists

Meeting information:  3rd Wednesday each month at 7:00 pm

Pony Corral Restaurant  (Nairn)

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amcplate AMC Manitoba Car Club

July 3, 2008

2008 Nash Dash and Cruzin’ Club Regent Casino car show pictures are up!  Also, on newsstands today:

-Car Craft magazine has a good story & pictures on a low mileage ’68 AMX.

June 3, 2008

Rod Delaroque’s Rebel Machine will be on display all this week at the Club Regent Casino!

rebel%20machine%201%20 %20Copy AMC Manitoba Car Club

May 26, 2008

Message from the president to all AMC owners and fans; following our Cruzin’ Club Regent Car Show, Tavern United is hosting an “AMC Feature Night,” so make sure you bring out your AMC pride & joy to be highlighted at the Canad-Inns Tavern United parking lot on Regent at Plessis, June 8, following the car show.

On the Breakfast Television show, Friday morning, June 6, some AMC Muscle will be shown to help promote the Cruzin’ Club Regent Car Show.

May 12, 2008

June issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines has 3 AMC write-ups; a buyer’s guide on the SC/Rambler, a build-up story for the Jeep 4.0 six, and a story on a Spirit race car.

April 15, 2008

Prime Steel Car Show pictures have been posted.

April 2, 2008

April issue of Muscle Car Review has a story on the SC/Rambler.

April 1, 2008

June issue of Collectible Automobile, on the stands today, has a feature picture and story on the ’52 Hudson and ’65/’66 Rambler Classic.

May issue of Hemmings Classic Car, on the stands today, has a restoration guide on Hudsons and a story on a ’71 Hornet SST.

March 31, 2008

Congrats to the Club!  We have won 1st place for the 2008 World of Wheels Car Club Display competition.  The award is a nice plaque and a $1000 cheque!  See pictures of the display!

The funds have been deposited and will help with the upcoming events such as Cruzin’ Club Regent Casino Car Show!

Special thanks go to Jim, Gerry, Rod and Barb, Gabe, and Chris for displaying their cars and for their work in setting up and tearing down the drag strip display.  An extra special thank you goes out to Rod and Barb for building and painting the wooden rails for the display, Gabe and his son for building the operational light tree, and Chris for supplying materials and coordinating the tear-down and storage.  Without the combined help and participation of everyone, this would not have been possible.  Thanks again!

March 30, 2008

See a special mention of the AMC Manitoba display at this year’s World of Wheels!

March 10, 2008

The new April issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines has a story of a ’68 Javelin with a built 401 engine.  And also, the April Hot Rod issue has an interesting write-up about what if AMC got back into building cars…

March 6, 2008

The “Prime Steel Car Show” is scheduled for April 12 and 13 at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, ND.  Gerry’s SC/Rambler and Gabe’s AMX will represent our club!

February 6, 2008

On the newsstands, March issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines, there’s a write-up on the ’66 Rebel 327.  Go check it out!

January 13, 2008

Gabriel Dorge’s AMX is now posted in the Member’s Spotlight section.

January 8, 2008

Please join us at these upcoming events:

-AMC Car Club Display at the World of Wheels, March 28 to 30, 2008, where the theme will be “AMC Racing Team at a dragstrip;”

-First annual AMC Manitoba Car Club “Nash Dash” run to Devil’s Lake for the annual “Devil’s Run Car Show,” May 30 to June 1, 2008;

-AMC Manitoba Car Club-hosted annual “Cruzin’ Club Regent” car show at the Club Regent Casino in Winnipeg, June 8th, 2008;

-Run to the AMO National Convention in Kingston, Ontario, July 1 to 7, 2008.

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Brandon and Area Car Enthusiasts

Brandon and Area Car Enthusiasts

Association email:


Association’s theme:  All vehicle owners and enthusiast’s welcome

Austin-Healey Club of Manitoba

Austin-Healey Club of Manitoba

Association email:

Association’s website:

Association’s theme:  for owner’s of all Austin Healey  models and interested enthusiasts

Ownership of an Austin-Healye is not a prerequisite

Next monthly meeting: Jerry’s cottage Sunday, 10 August

r08f Austin Healey Club of Manitoba

Club Cars at Rendezvous 2008


Meeting information:  1st Monday of each Month

If it is a long weekend- it is the Monday after that

Meetings held at member’s homes

See website for places

Import Car Canada Auto Transport Shipper

Winnipeg Auto Com

Winnipeg – River Car Club

Association email :

Meeting information :  1st Thursday of each month , 7 pm Lac du Bonnet Senior School  (March , April, May and  September thru December)

Meeting for June , July and August held in conjunction with ride to neighboring towns

Winnipeg Off Road Truck Financing

Winnipeg SUV Finance

Wilderness and Off Road Enthusiasts

Association email:



Association’s Theme: 4 x 4s

Meeting information : check website

Western Canada Auto Financing

WORE Video’s WORE Photo’s

W.O.R.E. Is Growing, Evolving, And Exploring.

Vintage Cruisers Inc.

association’s email:

Association’s theme: Pre 1977 cars and trucks, street rods and other special interest vehicles

Meeting information: 2nd tues of month

Wildnerness and Off Road Enthusiasts Photos

elcome To The Future Of The 4wd Community.
Wilderness & Off Road Enthusiasts…
Formerly known as Westman Off Road Enthusiasts, the powers that be decided to come up with a new ...(read more)

IMG 1714 Wildnerness and Off Road Enthusiasts Photos

BuildDoing a 360 v8 engine swap in a JeeP YJ..
(Updated) …Vac lines plumbed and capped. Hit the key, the thing purrs like a kitten. Till you hit the gas……. THEN IT ROARS LIKE A FREAKING TIGER !!! …..(read more)

mothersday036 Wildnerness and Off Road Enthusiasts Photos

First Club Run of ‘08…
(Updated) We had 9 memebers and 8 rigs make it for the run…We camped at Polycor and hit some of the trails southwest of there. Unfortunately, some bad stucks and broken trucks slowed our progress(read more)

IMG 1593 Wildnerness and Off Road Enthusiasts Photos

Upgrade Suzuki axle upgrade..
(Updated) I do not mind the width at all. Stability was the goal with maximum wheel travel. I am hoping for over 30? of travel… More later once the front springs get changed. …(read more)

DSCF0792 Wildnerness and Off Road Enthusiasts Photos

W.O.R.E. is now officially a member of BACE
Brandon & Area Car Enthusiasts.
We will be supporting BACE with their events, which to date include: Cruisin’ The Dub… The first Thursday of every month…
(read more)

IMG 1706 Wildnerness and Off Road Enthusiasts Photos

Grand Cherokee Bumper Build!
(New) One ‘03 stock front plastic bumper which offers no protection at all when on the trails. The Grand Cherokee is a unibody style so installing a steel bumper was a challenge to say the least.….(read more)

001 Wildnerness and Off Road Enthusiasts Photos

New To 4Wheeling?
(Updated) Common tips from “Airing down” to “What to Pack For A Weekend Trip”. WORE has tips and information for every level of off road experience, as well as some trailing guidlines ….(read more)

Get Stroked. Building a 4.6 liter stroker for the YJ
(New) As some may already know, the engine in my YJ is in sad shape… I didn’t do the complete engine at that time because I had plans to build a 4.6 liter stroker to put in the YJ. ….(read more)

Poster1 Wildnerness and Off Road Enthusiasts Photos

Proud members of BACE
baceweblogo Wildnerness and Off Road Enthusiasts Photos

Wilderness & Off Road Enthusiasts describes our respect and love of the outdoors. Our club adheres to the Tread Lightly policy, and we’re committed to improving and protecting our trails.
W.O.R.E. is primarily a 4-wheel drive club, however, when not wheeling or building, our members are camping, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and more. We are a Manitoba based club without borders, o
ur main goal is to conduct four-wheel-drive and social activities throughout the Prairie Region and beyond.

Winnipeg Off Road Truck Financing

Winnipeg SUV Finance