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Kenora Classic Car Club

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Welcome to the Kenora Classic Car Club

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Kenora Classic Car Club Events

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Association’s theme:  All auto enthusiasts

Meeting information:  1′st Thursday March – November at Comfort Inn  7:00 p.m.

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Association’s theme :  Mini trucks

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Lily Pad Cruisers

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Association;s Theme : All antique- classes and special interest

Meeting information:  1st Wednesday or each month  – April – October@ 7 pm

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Legends Car Club

P.O. Box 2005 Altona Manitoba R0G 0B0 Association email: website: Association’s Theme:  To enjoy  cars, trucks and specialty  vehicles through car shows, cruises and drag racing Meeting Information :  meetings are every 2nd Tuesday of the month at either the High School or across from the Ice Cream Hut at 7:30 p.m.
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Welcome to the Legends Car Club Website!

Drive to the Hills Info & Registration

Airport Drags 2008 Slideshow & Writeup

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For the latest club information call our virtual mailbox at 204-324-9923

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North American Automotive Industry

Are there vehicles that the “American Auto industry ”  (Aka Detroit)  ,  or the “North American Auto industry” , ( that is less foreign owned auto makers with screw driver automotive assembly plants) manufacture ?

It might be said that North Americans – be they from the US, Canada or Mexico , have been somewhat shortsighted in buying “foreign cars”  , even if the cars are assembled say in the American south or at a Toyota plant in Cornwall Ontario or perhaps in the Canadian Province of Quebec.

Did these consumers not think that by buying these products that the end result would not come back to bite them ?  While it may be true that at one point the domestic North American car industry was not putting out the product that North American’s wanted – that was small cars that were good on gas and downright economical.  The refrain from the domestic North American car industry ( automotive)  was either that “we don’t want to make econoboxes”  or “there is no money or that”  or maybe it was just a question of ego.

Regardless the most or best the industry would put out was poor products like the Chevy Vega ( with an aluminum engine block without sleeves for any engine durability in percentages), or the Ford Pinto – whose missing protective back plate over the gas tank, was in short supply, and was moved and removed from finished product on the lot to be recycled onto product coming off the auto assembly line so that they could be sold onto the market promptly without sales delay.  The end result were the cases of exploding Pintos when rear ended.  Or was it a case of producing a poor product to better bump up , and talk auto buyers , out of the lower end , smaller auto, into a larger and more expensive , more conventional and more profitable – for the dealer and auto maker , product or products ?

On top of that between the auto execs and their unions they were in bed together at the expense of the ultimate consumer and buyer of those autos.  Did the union execs and their members not realize that ultimately that they should be considerate and grateful for the consumers who were buying their product and provide them with good value in their auto purchases ?  Instead the unions , and their williung members always beleived that they had a hard on for the company.  It was not the company who was ultimately paying the shot – it was the consumer and purchaser fo their automotive products out in the real world and the roads and highways of Canada and the US.

However ultimately in our economies – be it the US or Canada the pivot and base of our economies all goes back to cars.  Be it Detroit , Ontario or Windsor Ontario “it all comes back to the car automotive industry”.  These are the high paying jobs that start the ball rolling.  If you do not work directly in the automotive industry – you do indirectly.  Whether it is an auto assembler themselves ,  the restaurant they eat or dine at , the workers at the subsidiary plants that make components or supplies for the auto industry , or even a dentist filling a tooth  for an automotive worker or their family on the benefits plan of Ford, G.M. or Chrysler its all the same.

The problem is that even if jobs are still created with screwdriver assembly plants , from foreign auto makers and manufacturers – the real high paying jobs- be it execs or designers are “back home”  not here in our North American economy be it Canada or the US.  We all lose out when we lose our national auto industry.

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Government Involvement in the Auto Industry in Canada

Could it be said that there are vehicles which “Detroit”  or “Windsor Ontario”  should build ?   Or is it a situation where inexperienced bureaucrats like socialists at the helm with all their bureaucracies and inherent inefficiencies are in the business of telling experienced , accountable businesspeople what to do , enjoying their apparent power , while having no accountability at the end of the day ?

The story is told of a commercial building in Winnipeg burning down some time ago.   It seems that the “gas company”  had its employees enter the intact standing building,  inform the occupants of the commercial building that they were working in the area and that there was an apparent gas leak , and that it would be best to leave and vacate the premises and building.   Subsequently the building promptly blew up  and caught on fire.   When it was all said and done the building’s owners nor its commercial occupants were unable to collect and insurance claims against the gas utility , as because even though it was supposed to now be a private company accountable to all , it could hide behind the facade that it was a government corporation.  The point is that no matter what government and government bureaucracies in Canada maintain a culture where all that matters at the end of the day is the continuance of the organization , and the perks , privileges etc of its members.  Accountability and reaction to the market or its customers are  an anthema.  The biggest rules in these organizations is not to do anything in any manner that will bring attention to yourself and especially his boss and certainly not his or her superiors in the civil service.

And you want these people to run the auto industry ?  If you thought SUVs were out of touch with reality you are in for bigger debacles in store.  Ad infinitum .  It will be like Russia with a 10 year wait ( or more) for an automotive product that had to be taken apart by the consumer , when brand new,  and reassembled.  Government involvement in the private market and the automotive industry in Canada or the US is not a good idea by any means or part.

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Restricting Private Auto Dealers in Manitoba a Good Thing ?

Is restricting private enterprise a good thing or a bad thing ?  This is an old story – perhaps as old as mankind itself – or  at least as far back in history as taxation and the creation of the NDP and CCF.

The old joke is that “I am from the government . I am here to help you.”   Once government gets involved watch out.  One can only look at the Winnipeg Health Authority – the W.HRA.  as an example or the Workmen’s Compensation Board. Once government and government bureaucrats get involved – its mainly a self serving tax grab.  Little more gets thought of – other than the lunch hours and pensions ( and budgets)  of faceless bureaucrats and their department heads / supervisors.

The old joke comment may of been – “Why don’t civil servants look out of the window in the morning ?” – the answer being that if they did that they would have nothing to do in the afternoon.

The most amazing part is that these people (civil servants of Canada) , actually think that they are doing a wonderful job , which is essential to the safety and progress of mankind.

Tale for example health care in Manitoba Canada – while a patient waits 30 hours and dies at the emergency ward of the Health Sciences Center HSC in Winnipeg – at the inquest – it is deemed irrelevant by the CEO ( repeatedly) of the WHA. It is irrelevant if you look at the viewpoint of this Manitoba government organization.  If health care in Manitoba had improved to any degree – then that would be fine.  Ask any Winnipeg , Selkirk or Northern Manitoba rural resident and they will tell you that nothing has changed in the level of service of health care to Manitoba residents.  Yet all that matters is the graphs and charts of the WHA all painting a wonderful picture , devoid of reality.  More of the same when it comes to Manitoba and Manitobans tolerating this.  Its like the great socialist society of Russia where the worker’s slogan was “They pretend to pay us , we pretend to work”.  All the while waiting tens of years for a car to be ordered and delivered.

William Simpson

Taken from the Winnipeg Sun newspaper:

Would you buy a car from a dealer who tampers with a VIN plate or sells vehicles without properly inspecting them?

You probably wouldn’t if you knew who they were.

Under today’s privacy laws, however, you may already have bought a vehicle or service from a reprimanded dealer and not known it.

Because of the way the province’s privacy legislation is written, Manitoba Public Insurance is not allowed to identify companies or salespersons who break the Crown corporation’s rules and have their dealer licences or permits suspended, because it’s considered an unreasonable invasion of privacy.

That may change.

Yesterday, Justice Minister Dave Chomiak indicated the province plans to lift the veil protecting crooked dealers to help Manitobans find reputable sellers by separating a few rotten apples from the bunch.

“I asked both MPI and the Consumers Bureau to look at that and to consider changing the policy in the public interest,” he said. “In this case the public interest would trump, I think, the commercial and third party interests.”

The amendments would apply to major infractions, he said.

Terry Vestur, who owns Autowest on McPhillips Street, said he is in favour of full disclosure.

“We want to encourage people to deal with reputable dealers” said Vestur, whose pre-owned car dealership is one of the largest in Winnipeg. “MPI has done a terrific job in following up and cracking down on backyard guys and stuff like that.”

Permits suspended

One dealer caught in MPI’s sting had permits suspended in 2007 for pre-signing and using inspection certificates to sell vehicles that were not inspected, and omitting information in sales agreements.

In another case, a dealer sold a rebuilt pickup truck with a tampered VIN (vehicle identification number).

Chomiak, who is also minister responsible for MPI, said it’s been the practice for 20 years not to release the names of car dealerships that have had their licences suspended.

Most infractions are minor and warrant verbal warnings, but serious ones may result in suspended licences or permits, or statute charges.

Most infractions go under the public radar but some become public record when they reach an independent licence suspension appeals board or the courts.

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Fabulous 50′s Ford Club of Manitoba

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Association’s Theme: Preservation , restoration and enjoyment of 1949 thru 1960 Ford Vehicles

Open to all enthusiasts

Meeting information: Last Thursday of every month January thru November – Viscount Gort Hotel – 7:30  p.m.

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