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Manitoba Association of Auto Clubs 2011 Affiliated Car Club Listings


2510 Park Avenue, Brandon, MB R7B OS3

Association Phone: (204)726-9131

MAAC Rep Phone: (204)726-9131

MAAC Rep Name: Dwayne Wells

MAAC Rep Email: /


Association’s Theme: All vehicle owners and enthusiasts welcome.

Club Meeting Information: No regular meetings held.


Box 2594, Morden, MB R6M 1C3

Association Phone: (204)822-5299 or (204)362-0529

MAAC Rep Phone: (204)822-5299 or (204)362-0529

MAAC Rep Name: Malcolm Doney

MAAC Rep Email:

Association’s Theme: Casual – all makes & models.

Club Meeting Information: 1st Wednesday of the month. Twisters Restaurant Winkler, MB.


13 Harbour Cove, St. Francois Xavier, MB R4L 1C3

Association Phone: (204)864-2519

MAAC Rep Phone: (204)864-2519

MAAC Rep Name: John Brown

MAAC Rep Email:

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Manitoba Association of Auto Clubs 2011 Affiliated Car Club Listings


3 McMurray Bay, Winnipeg, MB R2M  4G3

Association Phone: (204)256-7639

MAAC Rep Phone: (204)256-7639

MAAC Rep Name: Robin Carruthers

MAAC Rep Email:


Association’s Theme: AMC and all associated vehicles, owners and enthusiasts.

Club Meeting Information: 3rd Wednesday each month, 7:00pm Pony Corral on Nairn


8729 Roblin Boulevard, Headingley, MB R4J 1B7

Association Phone: (204)831-8165

MAAC Rep Phone: (204)831-8165

MAAC Rep Name: Ross H. Metcalfe

MAAC Rep Email:

Association’s Theme: People who love old motorcycles. We ride, restore, and show. You need not own a motorcycle to be a member.

Club Meeting Information: Last Tuesday of every month at Harley Davidson of Winnipeg (except for the months of December and January). (Member hosted months)


288 Wallasey Street, Winnipeg, MB R3J 3c1

Association Phone: (204)257-3637

MAAC Rep Phone: (204)257-3638

MAAC Rep Name: Gerald A. Henry

MAAC Rep Email:

Association’s Theme: Promotion of the car hobby through photography.

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Hyundai’s first two cars, the Pony and Stellar were quintessential lemons, and the company’s subsequent models have not been much better. The Pony came to Canada in late 1984, and sales took off like wildfire, mainly because of the Pony’s reasonably attractive packaging and very attractive price. The failure-prone Stellar joined the lineup in 1985. By that point, Hyundai had become the number one automobile importer in Canada. The dealer network mushroomed as everyone tried to get into the act. The domestic car manufacturers, and even Hyundai, had not expected this to happen. Everyone was caught off guard, and this automotive house of cards began coming apart. The Pony and Stellar were quickly taken off the market, while the Excel, which arrived in time for the Hyundai sales crash of 1986, was the only model sold in 1988.  Never mind the upcoming Elantra.

This South Korean auto manufacturer was the architect of its own downfall. First, the cars being sold were not subjected to minimally acceptable quality controls. Second, the dealer body expanded too rapidly, allowing people who knew nothing of sales and service to get a franchise. Third, the Stellar, in particular, suffered from serious design deficiencies that should have prevented the car from being sold in the first place. These defects rendered both the Stellar and Pony unsafe, and it would have taken several million dollars to correct the problem. A redesign of the Stellar’s front end and a larger engine for 1987 was too little, too late, to stop the sales slide.

Hyundai’s partner for much of its design and engineering work is Mitsubishi, the maker of Dodge/Plymouth Colts, Eagle Vistas, and Dodge Lasers and Talons. Instead of designing entirely new cars from the ground up, Hyundais are now derivatives of Mitsubishi products. The Excel is a Dodge Colt 100 in Italian disguise, and the Sonata is based on the Mitsubishi Galant, which is sold as the Dodge 2000GTX in Canada.   Wonder what Ford will be up to with its past stable of vehicles like the Taurus / Sable ?

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Pro: Comfortable front seats are well padded and supportive. Gauges and controls are easily seen and very accessible. Competent climate control system. Large trunk for a sporty car. Very quiet passenger compartment. Four more cubic feet of passenger space added this year. Excellent visibility.

Con: Third styling changeover since its debut is more electric in the Toyota Paseo or Lexus mold but still relatively bland. Short or tall drivers may not find the driving position entirely to their liking because the seat is low and set relatively far back. Tall drivers may find headroom lacking, especially with a sunroof. The steering wheel is a bit far from the driver in relation to the pedals. Electronic fuel and temperature gauges can’t be easily read due to insufficient back lighting. Trunk space has been reduced by three cubic feet. Back seat is not for sitting. Honda says its to be used mainly for emergencies and storage.

wpg 145x300 Comfort/Convenience










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Road Performance

Pro: Both four-cylinder engines are smooth and quiet now that counter-rotating balance shafts have been adopted this year. The Si’s 2.3L 160 hp powerplant is a more logical sport coupe engine, but it comes at a premium price. Handling is more responsive and the ride is more comfortable this year. This is due mainly to suspension refinements, electronic steering and four-wheel disc brakes (the Si has slightly larger discs).

The transmissions are smoother shifting, require less effort, take shorter throws and are more precise than last-year’s gearbox. The clutch is light and smooth. Steering is direct and precise. Suspension travel has been increased, lessening the Prelude’s tendency to bottom out when fully loaded or when encountering irregular terrain. Ride is not as firm and less bouncy than last year’s version. Body roll is minimal due partly to the chassis’ increased stiffness. Handling is excellent in all conditions, even without the 4WS option. Very good brakes.

Con: The Accord’s single-cam engine gives the base Prelude 135 horses – more than sufficient for most driving conditions – but a bit wimpy for a car that’s touted as being somewhat above the typical mid-level sport coupe in both performance and price. This car cries out for a V6 powerplant. As is the rule with cars of this type, the ride is firm, and may be too busy for some. Four wheel steering still seems more gimmick than essential.

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The Prelude: Reliability/Safety

Pro: As far as performance and reliability go, the Prelude is one of the best sporty coupes on the market. Like other Hondas, it is pricey, but the extra cost is easily justified by what the car can deliver. Although the present design is too new for accurate reliability predictions, past Preludes have given their owners excellent service for the first three to four years. Even later on, few problems seem to surface, Driver-side air bag. Tests relating to crash worthiness may no longer be valid due to changes to the 92 Prelude’s chassis.

Con: Air conditioner condensers frequently fail after a few years. Honda will pick up the approximate $300 cost if you threaten to take the company to court. Owners have complained about minor electrical problems, brake squealing and prematurely warped front brake rotors. The electronic 4WS is unproven. Most corner mechanics are ill equipped to service these cars. Wheels tend to lock up easily during emergency braking. Crash tests by the US government have established that the front passenger would be well protected; the driver, though, would likely sustain severe or fatal head injuries.

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The 92 Prelude Suggested Alternatives

The 92 Prelude is substantially improved over last year’s version. Try to get a second series Prelude made after February that incorporates many of the fixes found necessary with the first series cars. Other worthwhile cars to consider are the Acura Integra, Chrysler Laser/Talon, Ford Mustang and Probe, Honda Civic CRX, Mazda MX-3 Precidia and RX-7, Nissan 240SX and 300ZX, Toyota Celica and MR2.

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RATING: Recommended. A totally revamped, reliable sporty compact.

GENERAL COMMENTS: Having undergone a major redesign for 1992 – the fourth since its debut in 1979, the Prelude has always been a bookkeeper’s sports coupe: it’s complete,functional and rational without any hint of aggression in its styling or performance components. The 92 model carries on this tradition but adds a few body styling tweaks that make the car shorter, lower and wider, giving it the air of a sensual and sporty Integra in front and Legend in the rear. Other refinements this year are improved engine balance shafts that reduce vibration and noise, an innovative, electronically controlled four-wheel steering system that improves high-speed response and decreases the turning radius, and a 20 percent increase in fuel economy with the addition of twenty more horses. Two engines are offered: A sixteen-valve SOHC 2.2L and a sixteen-valve DOHC 2.3L that is 100 cc larger (through bigger bores) and produces twenty-five extra horsepower. The Prelude’s four-wheel steering (4WS) system, an option with the Si, allows the rear wheels to turn slightly along with the front. This is meant to improve both highway handling and parking ability in town. This year, the 4WS steering goes completely electronic. Nevertheless, the Prelude handles so well that it’s hard to justify the addition of 4WS. Most driver’s wouldn’t notice a substantial improvement on the highway. Parking is easier, of course, but the Prelude is small and nimble enough to make parking easy anyway. Four-wheel steering is an expensive proposition: it adds about $2000 to the price of the car, increases electronic complexity and produces little benefit.

The Prelude should be considered among the better buys in the sporty car class. The standard warranty is one of the best. Used Preludes command high prices on the used car market.

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Pro: Clear gauges and instruments. User-friendly controls and instrumentation. Excellent driving position. Very comfortable, sporty front seating. Redesigned front seat bases provide more rear footroom. Easy entry and exit. Large trunk on sedans, and versatile hatchback design. Relatively quiet interior. Excellent visibility.

Con: Conservative styling. Tacky imitation velour seat covering. The rear seat is not very comfortable and provides poor thigh support. Limited ventilation. Poor insulation leading to excessive interior noise. The dash has been reworked, but it still needs improving. Rear seat access is limited.

Technical Data:

Dimensions (sedan)

Length: 184.8 in.

Width: 67.7 in.

Wheelbase: 107.1 in.

Weight: 2923 lbs.

Towing: 1000 lbs.


Front-wheel drive

Engine: 2.2L 16-valve 4 (125 hp)

EX-R(140 hp)


Standard: 5-speed manual

Option: 4-speed automatic

Fuel economy:

2.2L & 5-speed man.:

9.9L/100 km

2.2L & 4-speed auto.:

10.8L/100 km

2.2L & 4-speed auto.:

11.4L/100 km

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