Get on the Bandwagon – Black Friday Deals

Auto companies used to be at the pinnacle of the sales and ,marketing triangle.  They set trends of what was acceptable in business and what was left over for the Red River Exhibition.  Especially the top firm – General Motors would often give vendors the distinct message that “we are General Motors and you should be grateful that the creator of the universe allowed you the entry into our world and commerce“.  It seems the concerns about carnival atmospheres is over and passe.  One wonders what upper top floor execs think about all of these events ?  Its not as if we were at a sock-hop in the 1950′s with 1956 era Chevrolets.   True there is nothing like these good old fashioned substantially made metal cars with real chrome and not plastic tin cans as we might encounter today.  These vehicles were pre-electronic era of course complete with carburetors , plugs and points.

Yet look at 2013 and big black Friday .  Its not only ads – Walmart , Amazon and the like  – its also the major auto companies.  GM , Chrysler and Ford seem to have good ideas at this point in time and the auto market.

Its no longer the case – we are the New York Times or the Winnipeg Free Press and you will come to us on our hours and terms but rather we must meet the marketplace as it wants us rather than the reverse.  And yet these firms produced such classics as 1960 era Camaros , which are highly revered and desirable even today .  Just look at Kijiji or Craigslist for an idea.

Isn’t life amazing ?  True on the other side many will not shop on this day and consider it American sacrilegeGood for these guys , and gals for getting on the bandwagon in 2013.

You can read more in detail at this following article with the link following:

GM, Ford Rev Up Deals for Black Friday

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