Is a Diesel on Your Horizon

Diesel engines have gotten a bad rap and worse reputation with Canadian drivers – that is other than semi-trailer truck and diesel locomotive drivers. In these settings diesels are considered or imagined to much more efficient when it comes to fuel costs as well as reduced engine maintenance for longer , less costly hauling. The few times domestic auto makers - the big three have tried to market Canadians and Americans have not taken well to the whole concept being left with images of dirty , smelly engines , slow acceleration , hard starts if at all in a cold Winnipeg -40 below January winter morning. Worse , or as bad in the eyes of many women drivers is the lingering odor of diesel fuel on their hands , gloves and clothing when filling up at what is the norm – self- serve gas bars.  Yet is this only a question of hard starts in a 40 below zero Winnipeg January winter morning ?  Also is it a question of older vehicle vs new - or is a matter of concern with all new diesel products as well ?  Ask Volkswagen with all their issues – and its not the easiest area to fix to consumer’s relish.

Yet diesels may make a comeback at the retail dealership level ( as opposed to commercial products). They are increasingly being seen as an even wiser , more economical and even cleaner alternative to high tech electric cars – even established hybrids like Toyota Priuses.. Look at things being cleaner . New technologies are upcoming – and even more accepted older technologies like diesel fuel injection are come into play .  Look to more reliable & hightech diesel fuel pumps as one avenue.  Yet all in all things are coming along to the betterment of driving reliability with this modality overall.

Yet its a long way to the waverley . Once again is it a question of being conservative and staying put with a good old fashioned gasoline power plantOr should you be hopping on the biodiesel route ?   Yet as they say – no Champion or AC spark plugs under this hood .

You can read more on this auto dealer website “Dealer Communications” in this insightful article:

Diesel Gains Momentum with Automakers – But What About Car Shoppers?

at the following link:


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