Entry Level Cars May not Their Value

Value is value at the end of the road.  What seems “cheapest”  and a hard fought deal in the sales managers or “business office”  may not be the best overall road for the car , truck and SUV buying crowd to follow.

Take a look at the following article on-line .    Smaller Used Cars Feel Impact From Lower Gas Prices. . Real estate agents will tell you the three most important criteria in buying property are “location , location and location”.

In the same manner any person or family evaluating different automobiles for an upcoming purchase should consider “resale value”.  its not only the sticker price in the window , auto financing costs – but overall how desirable  and wanted  is said product – to others wanting or needing reliable transportation.   Economics is always a case of simply “supply and demand”.

Its an algorithm of factors that work through the minds of the auto buying public when it comes to making that big choice and deal .  On top of that factors such as the price of gas may weigh in the calculations at any given point.  No doubt its a jungle out there it seems.

So in the end – you may want to pay a bit more up front , or even move into a product format such as Crossover SUV , which while not your first choice – has a lot more curb appeal and desirability to any kids wanting to buy a used car down the line in several years when its trade in time and you privately sell that SUV on Kijiji or Used Winnipeg .

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