Aluminum auto body repair experts at your local ford dealer

Your local Ford dealer is poised for a lot more training and expertise in auto-body repair especially when it comes to the new base metal for vehicles – aluminum.

The newly released 2015 Ford F-150 is essentially an aluminum-metal-based vehicle. Its all  a lot more costly than good old fashioned steel - yet the hope is to be able to put a base V6 engine  and get over 30 miles per gallon ( highway) all in the hope of meeting the revered EPA CAFE standards.  Eco-boost engines are still revered and respected.

Prius trucks it seems are not on the horizon.

Yet we live in a real world with accidents on the road and autobody guys working in “collision shops”.  Not only is there substantially higher material costs to begin with , but it may be necessary to replace very costly panels – where good old fashioned steel could of been “hammered out “.  Its not all coming out at the Waverley Collision Repair Shop. Never mind ice-ruts and winter road condition collisions to be had while driving to Polo Park.   Lets hope parts are in ready stock and there are no winter storms to cause delivery delays.

You may win on fuel costs yet lose on repair times / times in shop and much more expensive auto insurance premiums.    No doubt its all a very simple concept to work on.  Get ready for a lion or tiger of a command vehicle.

To its credit Dearborn head office Ford is devoting and allocating an average of $ 10,000 ( to begin ) on bodyshop staff training.  

On top of that most dealerships have  a proud reputation of service quality standards to be maintained.

On top of that customers can be reassured that they will have a reputable and well trained collision body shop to be referred to .  Lets hope that they get a loaner vehicle.

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Blame it on the Weather – 2015 Ford F-150 and Aluminum Shortages

According to recent employment stats the downturns no matter what can be easily blamed on the  ‘cold weather“.  Perhaps with all the dire forecasts of  “global warming”  and now “climate change”  this was not supposed to happen.

Still with the EPA  and “CAFE”  standards the pressure is on to reduce vehicle weights , resulting in increased M.P.G. ratings via weight reductions in fuel use.  Not that Obama et all will fly any less in Air Force One though.

Still this is not without issues in the economic marketplace. Nothing is for nothing.  Typically six percent 6% of global aluminum use is employed in the automotive industries. With Ford leading the way with its new mainly aluminum metal  ( less good old fashioned steel), this 6 percent figure will balloon to 25 % -  four fold increase.

The issue here is that at present there is not just enough of the metal.  Discovery and production of the metal is very capital and energy ( electric energy) dependent.  The production of aluminum in WW2 for aircraft for the war effort was the impetus behind a number of very major hydro electric plants to produce the hydro-electric power for the smelting process.  Previous to this wholesale war effort the metal was considered a luxury very upscale , and very costly metal product.  With all the green environmental restrictions involved in 2014 where will the extra necessary production come from ? Perhaps we will bury our heads in the sand and the damage will be done in big ways in other parts of the world.  NIMBA or “not in my backyard”  is the constant refrain.  No doubt about Ford had a great idea - yet did the economic masterminds in government agencies dream of this  ?  Or perhaps , in their air-conditioned offices – they imagined it would be a good thing overall.  Less metal for trucks , or greater expense would mean less vehicles on the road – less CO2 and global warming.  What a religion of sorts.  Time to get out of the sandbox .

There may be shortages of the metal in the marketplace.  The price of your ordinary aluminum foil that you purchase at your supermarket may rise in price as well.  This whole shortage scenario has already been envisioned by auto & truck producing companies execs.

Lets hope that you obtain credit financing for your brand new Ford F-150 truck online easily   Pay your monthly car / truck / charge card payments on time to maintain and protect your vital good credit rating.  Its a must in our credit driven era .  Who pays cash anymore ?

Enjoy your aluminum-can in the 40 below Wpg Manitoba prairie January  winter cold.

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Get ready for a Lion in Your Brand New Aluminum Ford F-150 Truck

Its all high tech now even with trucks.  Sure  GM brought out “all new” 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and line sister GMC Sierra trucks that were both ultra high tech – with sophisticated transmissions and electronic controlled engines to give both power , torque and great gas mileage.

Yet the competitors including the largest selling vehicle in North America – the Ford F-150 truck makers  and engineering design staff were not “standing still” with their engines idling.  The “al ll new”  aluminum body based 2015 Ford F-150 looms quickly on the horizon.   Yet is this going to have the impact of an 1986 Taurus Mercury /Sable  introduction on the marketplace ?

Yet this all begs the question for FordF-150 owners,drivers and potential buyers – is a diesel-upcoming  in their horizon ?

Or  will this be  a small volume yet fast prestigious sleeper  like the SHO (Super High Output).

Ford is reputed to be in the serious design end stages of a V-6 diesel engine for the F-150 code named “Lion“.   Introduction, barring delays or supply issues on hand , is the 2018 model years.  That won’t be long until in will be in your local or regional Ford truck dealership or sales center online. You can bet that this vehicle is destined to be a “classic”.


     2015 Ford F150 11 627x418 Get ready  for a Lion in Your Brand New Aluminum Ford F 150 Truck.

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“Its all the Future of Tough”



Here is the Ultimate Winnipeg Canadian cold weather vehicle

No doubt about it.  Winnipeg and Canadian prairie winters can be downright cold and treacherous.  Even if you can start your car or  truck in the  40 below weather  ( that is if no kid has pulled out the block heater cord, imagine unplowed city of Wpg roads and ice ruts.  And the roads are said to be even worse  plowed and in worse condition in the NorthEnd.  Sure Mayor Katz my be reviewing snow removal policies and procedures  but what good does that do you ?

Here is just the ticket.  A modified F-150 Ford Raptor turned into a snow eating machine or SKIDOO..   Who needs a Crossover 4X4 just to go Polo Park or St Vital shopping malls. Raptors and now the  Chevrolet Reaper Silverado truckS beat all.

Get out of my way little boys and girls – I will be the first one in line and the first one out ice fishing come any winter time seasons.  On top of that you won’t see me waiting on hold for CAA Motor League  nor in the Canadian Tire auto dept line or at my local Winnipeg or rural Manitoba auto dealer service desk waiting for the tech writer.

No MPIC  claims either  for ice-rut  caused collisions and related auto body shop repair jobsall nicely detailed on the official yellow coloured autopac form .  No doubt about it – this is the “ultimate cold weather snow-machine“.  Adios Polaris and Bomardier Ski-Doo.

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ken block raptor trax 1 Here is the Ultimate Winnipeg Canadian cold weather vehicle


Entry Level Cars May not Their Value

Value is value at the end of the road.  What seems “cheapest”  and a hard fought deal in the sales managers or “business office”  may not be the best overall road for the car , truck and SUV buying crowd to follow.

Take a look at the following article on-line .    Smaller Used Cars Feel Impact From Lower Gas Prices. . Real estate agents will tell you the three most important criteria in buying property are “location , location and location”.

In the same manner any person or family evaluating different automobiles for an upcoming purchase should consider “resale value”.  its not only the sticker price in the window , auto financing costs – but overall how desirable  and wanted  is said product – to others wanting or needing reliable transportation.   Economics is always a case of simply “supply and demand”.

Its an algorithm of factors that work through the minds of the auto buying public when it comes to making that big choice and deal .  On top of that factors such as the price of gas may weigh in the calculations at any given point.  No doubt its a jungle out there it seems.

So in the end – you may want to pay a bit more up front , or even move into a product format such as Crossover SUV , which while not your first choice – has a lot more curb appeal and desirability to any kids wanting to buy a used car down the line in several years when its trade in time and you privately sell that SUV on Kijiji or Used Winnipeg .

driving Miss Daisy

Boxing Day Sales – Auto Makers take leads & Models from Big Box Stores

In the clothing design & all the way down to automobile manufacturers the cues and trends in colors all start with simple woman’s shoes.

In the same manner marketing and sales innovations are usually either rediscovered or copied from other avenues and sales channels.  Imitation it seems is always is the best compliment a successful marketing sales and promotion department so can.

So it is with high powered ( successful) sales in both brick and mortar operations located in stand alone sites , malls  as well as on-line and virtual stores .  In thee automotive sales fields you can now include auto malls similar in concept to major retail shopping centers.

Certain days of the year – “Black Friday”  and  “Boxing Day “  are two major examples.  Either as a business you do well in terms of sales on those days or its a make and break proposition .    Boxing -day bargains can be had virtually – why leave home and stay online – or in person and cold Winnipeg weather lineups . “Black- Friday” sales have now come into play at auto dealerships as well.   Some of these are organized by GM, Ford & Chrysler domestic automobile manufacturers’  home offices , others are done without involvement of the “big bosses”   at all are lock-stock and barrel disavowed by company and corporate execs – yet set by aggressive campaigns of innovative local dealerships – their sales departments , sales managers and staff.   Now in season are the upcoming boxingday promotions to be had.

Yet nothing is for nothing.  When one looks at the actual savings to auto buyers and consumers its  a case of “you have to know your prices”.  The value may be good , yet discounts not excessive and actually can be had at differing times of the year anyway. It may be tempting to have a new or newer vehicle in your garage – yet if its not a model you really wanted / needed / desired or is a poor choice or piece of hardware overall - then its no deal what so ever.   Driving to Oregon for a trip – you need reliable transportation .

The tip off to this is that in the annual reports of the of the major retailers who are publicly traded sales volumes and most importantly bottom line profits go hand and hand in rising during the Black Friday “discount”  seasons.

To get an inkling of what might be in order in this Boxing Day 2013 season roll-outs and deals – one can gaze back at this years “Black Friday”  promotions and layouts.  

The hunt by shoppers for bargains and deals goes on none the less.

This link to a webpage will serve as a good start:

more and better deals

Boxing day sales auto malls Boxing Day Sales    Auto Makers take leads & Models from Big Box Stores


Role of Management in Globilization Decisions

Ford had a better idea , and its not Mayor Ford of Toronto who is quite a news-maker in his own rite .   One of these ideas is globalization of its automotive lines and products.  Vehicles are often now “world cars”  , that is they are developed for world markets and driving conditions and laws not only just North America.  It used to be that America ( USA, Canada and perhaps as an offshoot Mexico)  were how the cars were made and designed for .  If they liked the car in an another part of the world – say Saudi Arabia or Europe well that was a bonus to the big three automakers – like television reruns or selling tv series a year old to Australia.  Its no longer North American roads and upper scale Cadillac drivers to make the mark .and head-office products.

On top of that old products – and even whole production lines and factories were often shipped “offshore”  to serve foreign markets.   Argentina getting a good but old Ford Falcon product is one example at hand.

Yet now products are designed for “world markets” across the globe.  On top of that the parts and components – since the vehicles are used and even made locally in differing countries can also be made across the globe.  Advantages in terms of economies of sale and lower wage rates often are involved.  It all helps at the end of the year whether its Toyota , GM ,Ford , Chrysler or any other auto maker.  Hence your car may be international and made around the globe as well – not simply a “Detroit”   USA made product.  The world and international communication spins round and round.  On top of that product development and innovation knows no borders .

Yet on the other hand sometimes products just don’t fly.  Sometimes its cultural , sometimes its management and some of the time “who knows” ???  Yet management can not take a wholly “wait and see attitude” .  Well at least not all the time .  Ford did have a better idea but now its in China , Europe and other parts of Asia not just strictly for the domestic markets in the English language .

To that end its the role of management to make timely as well as prudent management decisions if “things just don’t work out ” and the whole operation – after a reasonable time period is ‘bleeding red”  according to the accountants and bean counters or a given planned market share target is not met.  Political as well as acts of nature may be a major part of the mix as well.  Or it may be a case of resources – financial or management resources just being stretchered too wide and too far.   Just look at Toyota;s debacle after the storm and resulting nuclear power plant issues as one example which reaches across the world and into the firm’s financial as well as auto sales volumes and support  of product as well as “customer service”  levels.

Management has to both innovative and forward looking , give the project a good and reasonable time and chance to grow – yet know when to pull the plug.

To this end its actually a positive sign of reactive management taking action rather than following the example of politicians of “kicking the can down the road”  that the executives of the Chevrolet division of General Motors made the decision of ending the sales from the Chevrolet division in Europe ”

GM’s decision to correct what CEO Dan Akerson has called “the mistake” of pushing the bow-tie in the backyards of its Opel and Vauxhall brands also is something refreshingly new. It’s evidence that a post-bailout GM has the guts to admit what isn’t working, determine why and move decisively to fix it.”

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 Winnipeg auto

In 2013 the emphasis of Police Interceptors is MPG and cost savings

In this day and age of crime and also unfunded liabilities in governments – its seems like civil servants ( and auto execs trying to sell them new vehicles) are looking everywhere but in front of their face. Imagine if companies made such wild& overall substantiated claims in their marketing and advertising – what the penalties and fines-would be .With an economy supporting real upcoming “unfunded liabilities” If this occurred at your local private truck dealership – watch out . in terms of civil service wages , pensions and exploding populations Fords latest draw to the types is a discussion of better fuel economies with its latest police car offerings.  Savings are said to be in the range of $ 1720 for the Ford’s 2.0L Police Sedan One minute please that works out to less than $ 600 a year  , $ 50 a month , $ 2 a day or perhaps 70 cents a 8 hour shift.   What about reliability , speed and other costs rather than focusing on the  20 mpg city, 30 mpg highway and 24 mpg combined miles per gallon ratings.  I guess the E.P.A. ( with the pensions and no-Obamacare ) bureaucrats will like . Hello reality and unfunded liabilities and not chunk change.

Too some  degree its a simple matter of terminology , terminologies and even labeling .  Its less than the cost of a donuts at Tim Hortons . Then again the role of politicians in 2014 is to “kick the can ” not really to provide anything or measure or lasting merit . Symptom control with unrealistic , unwarranted priorities overall.  What on earth is their function but to put in time at the public’s expense.

Yet dream on for that 69 Cobra500 GT soldier .

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Well boys you are about to learn about the biggest special interest group of them all – the one that you ultimately answer to – you corrupt bunch of …..

Lincoln Ford as seen in the Mirror by the likes of Cadillac

Engineers and accountants fit into a certain breed.  Years ago computer columnist John Dvorak wrote a book about the computer industry.  One thing he pointed out that when dealing with engineers that “oh no – poor changes being incorporated by upper ( accounting or marketing management)  just did not fit with these guys.  Its not right so to speak. At that point in time Cadillac ( GM) had simply rebadged a run of the mill Chevrolet / Pontiac product as the CADILLAC Cimarron .

Yet its not as if we are dealing with a classic 49 Lincoln coupe . Imagine the difficulty and conundrum of getting Manitoba auto insurance (MPIC) insurance and coverage for said vehicle.  On top of that it might be wise to protect you automotive investment and not drive in the 40 below zero Manitoba prairie wintertim<e/a>e

Interestingly this product of the major automobile manufacturer of the time went on to be branded as “one of the worst 50 cars of all time ”  !!!  Yet who knows – beauty is in the eye of the beholder .

Yet its the vision of upper management that counts.  Look at 1950′s inspired “fighter wings” on that era’s classic cars to get an example of the times.

In a splashy product release , when Cadillac project engineers were asked by automotive trade journalists what the difference was between the two product lines there answer was bluntly $ 5,000.  Now in 2013 /2014 the answer might be closer to $ 40,000 with substantially bigger auto monthly payments and finance charges . Yet in the same manner while the Cadillac division of GM seems to have learned its lesson of providing good value to its customers is the wisest means to corporate health Ford seems not to have realized that lesson yet.

You can read about Cadillac execs assessment of the rankings of the Ford Lincoln badge and branding in the article link below :  Ford and especially members of the Lincoln divisions

Get on the Bandwagon – Black Friday Deals

Auto companies used to be at the pinnacle of the sales and ,marketing triangle.  They set trends of what was acceptable in business and what was left over for the Red River Exhibition.  Especially the top firm – General Motors would often give vendors the distinct message that “we are General Motors and you should be grateful that the creator of the universe allowed you the entry into our world and commerce“.  It seems the concerns about carnival atmospheres is over and passe.  One wonders what upper top floor execs think about all of these events ?  Its not as if we were at a sock-hop in the 1950′s with 1956 era Chevrolets.   True there is nothing like these good old fashioned substantially made metal cars with real chrome and not plastic tin cans as we might encounter today.  These vehicles were pre-electronic era of course complete with carburetors , plugs and points.

Yet look at 2013 and big black Friday .  Its not only ads – Walmart , Amazon and the like  – its also the major auto companies.  GM , Chrysler and Ford seem to have good ideas at this point in time and the auto market.

Its no longer the case – we are the New York Times or the Winnipeg Free Press and you will come to us on our hours and terms but rather we must meet the marketplace as it wants us rather than the reverse.  And yet these firms produced such classics as 1960 era Camaros , which are highly revered and desirable even today .  Just look at Kijiji or Craigslist for an idea.

Isn’t life amazing ?  True on the other side many will not shop on this day and consider it American sacrilegeGood for these guys , and gals for getting on the bandwagon in 2013.

You can read more in detail at this following article with the link following:

GM, Ford Rev Up Deals for Black Friday