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Plymouth Prowler

1999 is the first year you can order Plymouth Prowler in something other than purple. Yellow is already available. Prowler Red and Prowler Black are due later.

Prowler’s 3.5-litre V6 also powers Chrysler 300M and Chrysler LHS. Both debuted this year in new-generation formats, so Chrysler used the occasion to re-work the all-aluminum engine; it now makes 253 hp (up 39) and 255 lb.ft of torque (up by 24). For Prowler duty it’s tuned to run on premium fuel, and customized with a quicker throttle cam, retuned intake and exhaust, and re-programmed engine management system. As last year the only tyranny is an automatic fitted with AutoStick. While it looks intimidating, the Prowler is easy and fun to drive, with great seat-of-the-pants acceleration and neat engine burble. But with its massive rear tires and smallish front ones it under-steers – like a pig.

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Lotus Esprit V8

The mid-engined Lotus 2-seater began life in the ’70s with a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine. More than 20 years later, after a process of constant evolution not unlike that of the original Porsche 911, this glass-fibre-bodied lightweight has evolved into one of the world’s best-handling and fastest-accelerating cars The handling comes from Lotus’s renowned mastery of suspension development. The acceleration ( 0-100 km/h in under 5 seconds) is owed to a 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged V8 delivering 350 horsepower at 6,500 rpm. Recent revisions have included a twin-plate clutch that is more user-friendly, a reworked shift linkage, and a renovated interior to rehabilitate the hopeless ergonomics. Early Esprits were notoriously fragile. Today they are much improved, but a Lotus is probably still not synonymous with bulletproof reliability.

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The Mustang Shelby GT

Mustang GT models have traditionally outsold other trims in Canada, so the return of the 5.0 ought to be well-received.

The car has good body control and the staunch acceleration is kept in check by the optional 3.73 rear limited-slip. The Tremec six-speed manual is a carryover, and is slightly notchy.

The whine from the standard Roots-type supercharger the GT500 convertible and coupe. For 60 grand and change, you get a whole lot of car in the New Shelby 500. Now, if only Ford has a bare-bones enthusiast model for under $20 grand.

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Vintage 1962 Chrysler Convertible Ad

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For the new ’62 convertible from Chrysler “Live” means live weight.  Every ounce is dedicated to strength and performance alone.  You’ll get  as  much as 10 % better acceleration and use less gas.  A new low-friction steering gear is the closest thing yet to power steering without the extra cost.  And an improved Torsion-Aire suspension system gives a road-hugging ride that makes bumps and unwieldy curves a thing of the past.  Even maintenance is easier .  You’ll drive 32,000 miles between major lube jobs, 4,000 miles between oil changes.   Like common-sense car and a kick to them.  Sample one of these.

-  Chrysler 300

-  Plymouth Fury

- Dart 440

- Imperial Crown

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1983 Audi 100

The Audi 100, introduced in the States as the 5000, will go down in history as the car that made unintended acceleration famous. Yet this wrongly maligned automobile did at least as much for design as it did for the bank balances of the nation’s attorneys.

Back when the 100 was unveiled, the world had adjusted just enough to Ayatollah-era reality to want some speed and style along with its fuel efficiency. The new 100 arrived at precisely the right moment, blessed with a magnificent shape, a limousine-sized interior, and a drag coefficient so low (0.33 in U.S. trim) that it puny 2.1-liter, 100-hp, five-cylinder engine could push it to 107 mph and still deliver 23 mpg in hard driving.

And there’s more. The 100 was the first sedan to popularize flush side glass. It wasn’t the first to have it – that honor goes to the Giugiaro-designed Isuzu Impulse, introduced in Japan in mid 1981 – but the 100 was the car that suddenly made everything else on the road look old.

The 100 had barely reached the showrooms when other manufacturers began scrambling to push their cars’ door glass as far outward as the limits of technology would allow. Even now, eight years later, surprisingly few makers have managed to achieve that goal with as much finesse as Audi. Nevertheless, flush glass is now de rigueur on everything but econoboxes: if you don’t have it, you don’t have style. And there’s nothing the lawyers can do about that.

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