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Mazda 6/GS/GT

VEHICLE: 4-dr., 5-pass. Sedan, FWD

No doubt about it whether its the Mazda3  or the Mazda Speed these automotive products certainly carry their weight.

ENGINE: 2.5L 14 DOHC/^/3.75L V6 DOHC HP (@ RPM): 170@6000/^/272@6250

TORQUE @ RPM: 167@4000/^/269@4250 TRANS 6M


TIRES: 215/55R17/ 235/ 45R18

SPECIFICATIONS (mm): WB: 2789 L: 4940 W: 1839 H: 1471 CURB WEIGHT (kg): 1489

Bigger, longer, wider, and ‘more’ in nearly every way, the 6 trades its formerly modest dimensions for a significantly stretched skin. Similar to these check this out  But by dropping the popular wagon and hatchback models, is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ the best way to go? Time will tell.

No doubt about it whether its the Mazda3  or the Mazda Speed these automotive products certainly carry their weight.

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Volvo C-70

The C70 Coupe and Convertible look almost too good to be Volvos. Indeed, the Volvo badging is the only thing with a straight line on these cars.

Two new variations are added for a total of four models this year. The HPT models are highly “motorvated” by a 236-horsepower 2.3-litre high-pressure turbo-charged in-line “five”. LPT models do almost as well with the 190-hp 2.4-litre low-pressure turbo motor. In either case, the engines drive the front wheels. For 1999, a new 4-speed electronic adaptive automatic transmission adjusts to the driver’s individual driving patterns. The selectable winter mode is still included. Volvo’s Stability and Traction Control (STC) is available. Increased security is provided by larger Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) airbags and the addition of a Whiplash Protection System.


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Lamborghini Diablo

For many people, the Diablo (the word is Italian for “devil”) is still the archetypal over-the-top Italian “hero car.” And in Canada, especially, it is quite possible the last word in automotive exclusivity.

The two models sold in Canada are the rear-wheel drive SV coupe and the all-wheel drive VT roadster. . Both are more than effectively propelled by a mid-mounted 5.7-litre V12 rated at an intoxicating 492 horsepower. This surfeit of horsepush is sufficient to rank the Diablo among the tiny handful of cars capable of topping out on the naughty side of 200 mph (322 km/h).

Big changes are probably in store now that Lamborghini is owned by Audi. But for now, the existing Diablo – which, hard to believe, has just celebrated its ninth birthday and still looks sensational – continues as is in 1998 guise.

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American Motors’ mid-size contender in these years was basically, a continuation of the 1971-73 models except for introduction of a fixed-pillar 2-door fastback coupe for 1974 to replace the previous pillarless hardtop. This was marketed as a kind of performance car and needed one of the several V-8s available to give much because of bulbous size and excess weight. The fastbacks are now scarce; they were subject to premature panel rust that didn’t afflict the 4-door sedan and wagon nearly as much. The latter are more practical people carriers, and can be pleasant when equipped with Barcelona interior trim see Winnipeg Waverley Auto Mall. Basic body/chassis engineering dates from the 1967 Rambler Rebel, so none of the Matadors was especially competitive for fuel economy or comfort with other intermediates of the period. If you can, stick with either of the sixes, a basic design that’ still in production and easy to find parts and service for. Because of unit construction and Matador’s now advanced age, a check for rust in critical areas like rocker panels and floors is more than usually important in judging the condition of a used example. Canceled ultimately by inability to keep up with fuel economy standards, but practical, low-cost choice in an older mid-size car.

Recall History:

1976: models equipped with V-8 engine, air conditioning, or heavy-duty cooling systems for possibility fan blade may separate and cause personal injury or damage.

1976: possibility vehicles with two-wire connectors may have engine ignition problems.

AMC Hornet 1976-77

The 1970 successor to the Rambler American. Continued with only minor year-to-year changes until it became the Concord in 1978. Rated among the least comfortable of early- ’70s compacts because of rough ride, hard seats, and noticeable road and engine noise. Progressively upgraded in trim and equipment. Acceptable overall dependability record, though beware of rust and electrical problems in all models. Cheap to buy with Winnipeg Waverly Auto Mall; most mechanical parts still available. Summing up: low-cost hack, adequate for a smaller family, but not a standout in any particular area. If you can afford it, opt for Concord.

Recall History:

1976: possibility power steering hose routed too close to exhaust manifold.

American Bosch Series PS Pumps

The American Bosch PS series of fuel injection pumps, is built in three main types: PSB, PSJ and PSU. They are all similar in that each utilizes a single, hardened steel plunger which reciprocates (moves back and forth) for pumping action and rotates continuously for distribution of the fuel to the discharge outlets.

A PSJ series fuel injection pump, for example, is a distributor type pump and differs from APE and APF models in that a single pump plunger is used for multicylinder engines. This eliminates the need for individual fuel adjustments for each cylinder. Fuel is injected during the high velocity portion of the plunger stroke and fuel metering employs precise port opening and port closing principles.

PSJ series pumps are connected to the engine lubricating system for complete lubrication of the camshaft, bearings, tappets, lower portion of the plunger and governing mechanism. The upper portion of the plunger is lubricated by the high-pressure fuel. The manufacturer claims the PSJ series is particularly adapted to multifuel engines.


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Making Your “Short List”

  1. Analyze the type of driving you do (city, country, highway, commuting, weekend tours, shopping trips), and the distance you travel in a typical year.
  2. Determine the usual number of passengers in your car.
  3. Familiarize yourself with cars and options available; read car ads and articles in auto magazines and consumer publications.
  4. Decide on the price range that you can reasonably afford.
  5. Narrow your list down to three or four models and thoroughly examine each one, both on the lot and on the road.
  6. Ask your insurance agent about your choices. What are the differences in insurance costs?


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Buying a New Car: Body Style

The size and body style of the vehicle you pick should be determined by the number of passengers and the amount of cargo you normally carry, how much comfort you want, and how far you will drive in a year.

Sedans, both two- and four-door models, tend to resist drafts and rattles better than other body types because of their roof-to-floor pillars. A two-door sedan is usually less expensive and slightly quieter than one with four doors, but some people may find it a struggle getting in and out of the rear seat. Because children can accidentally open rear doors, many four-door sedans now have “child-proof” rear-door locks, which cannot be opened from the inside. As a rule, a sedan costs less initially than a hardtop, but depreciates a little faster.

Hardtops have no pillars to obstruct side vision. Their sleek, open look may increase the resale value, but hardtops can be noisier than sedans, have less headroom and knee-room in the rear, any may provide less protection in some accidents.


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Smooth Luxury Chevrolet

NEVER BEEN SO LUXURIOUS BEFORE! More luxurious outside with that new look. And much more luxurious inside. The new Impala Super Sport Series, has a new kind of ultra-soft vinyl upholstery and door-to-door deep-twist carpeting that you would be proud to put in your home. And even the lowest priced Biscayne models are now fully carpeted and have arm rests and foam-cushioned seats both front and rear. Then these new Chevrolets have a Jet-smooth luxurious way of going. Quiet. Soft. Transmissions operate more smoothly and quietly. That sturdy Body by Fisher and generous coil spring at each wheel cushion you against every kind of road shock. Actually, the whole idea for ’64 was to see how much luxury and comfort we could add to the car – but still keep it reasonably priced. And everything worked out just beautifully. Wait until you see it.

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APA Alert!

  • Have the four-speed automatic transmission checked every year for electronic trouble that could cause a major breakdown. If the vehicle’s mileage isn’t too high and the transmission fluid is not burnt, changing the fluid every two years should prevent or delay transmission failure. Also have the charging system checked – the transmission requires a stable power supply to work properly.
  • Early 1990s models delivered without a factory exhaust-gas recirculation valve will likely fail their emissions inspections, even if all systems are working correctly. To pass the test, it may be necessary to put the automatic transmission in second gear instead of Drive. This will reduce NOx (oxides of nitrogen) readings.
  • Recall covering 1994 models: the seat-belt anchors on vehicles equipped with bucket seats may not meet the federal standard governing seat anchorages. Replace seat-belt anchor assemblies.

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