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Clearance Measurement

One method of measuring oil clearance is to measure the diameter of the journal with a micrometer caliper. The diameter of the shaft is measured at several points around the circumference to determine the size and to check for roundness. Measuring each end of the bearing surface will determine the amount of taper, if any.

The inside of the bearing is measured with the cap bolted in place, using a telescoping gauge or an inside micrometer. The difference of these two measurements represents the clearance between the journal and the bearing.

An alternate method is the use of a plastic material which deforms or flattens between the journal and the bearing when the cap is drawn down to the proper tightness. The amount of increase in the width of the plastic material, as it flattens out, is then measured with a furnished gauge to determine the clearance between journal and bearing.

The oil pressure test will also disclose if there is excessive clearance between the inserts and the crankpins. The amount of diametral clearance on automobile crankshaft bearings is specified by the manufacturer. These dimensions should be followed. In the absence of specific instructions, it is customary to use a minimum of .0005 to .001 in. for small shafts and up to .0015 to .002 in. for a large shaft. Any clearance in excess of .005 in. on either main or rod bearings usually calls for the installation of new bearings.


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Fuel Injection

A diesel engine compresses air and, at the point of maximum compression, fuel is injected into the combustion chamber. Ignition takes place as a result of the high temperature created.

The fuel is forced into the combustion chamber of a diesel engine by means of a pump and injector. Since high pressures exist in the combustion chamber at the time of injection, the injection system must develop pressures well in excess of combustion chamber pressure.

In delivering the fuel to the combustion chamber, a diesel fuel injection system must fulfill five main requirements:

  1. Meter or measure correct quantity of fuel injected.
  2. Time fuel injection.
  3. Control rate of fuel injection.
  4. Atomize fuel into fine particles.
  5. Properly distribute fuel in combustion chamber.


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Making Your “Short List”

  1. Analyze the type of driving you do (city, country, highway, commuting, weekend tours, shopping trips), and the distance you travel in a typical year.
  2. Determine the usual number of passengers in your car.
  3. Familiarize yourself with cars and options available; read car ads and articles in auto magazines and consumer publications.
  4. Decide on the price range that you can reasonably afford.
  5. Narrow your list down to three or four models and thoroughly examine each one, both on the lot and on the road.
  6. Ask your insurance agent about your choices. What are the differences in insurance costs?


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Mickey Thompson Performance Tires

Mickey Thompson Performance Tires offers redline performance tires in both 70-series and 60-series sizes. They have an aggressive tread design and a bright red stripe making them a perfect addition to any muscle car. They are DOT approved and are well constructed. The tire compound used provides excellent traction for the people who want to exercise their muscle-car. For more information contact: Mickey Thompson Performance Tires, P.O. Box, 227, Dept. MCC, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44222; 800/222-9092.


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Car Club Listing

Thunderbird Club of Manitoba

5706 Roblin Blvd., Winnipeg, MB R3R OH2

Association Phone: (204)888-1398

MAAC Rep Phone: (204)888-1398

MAAC Rep Name: Reid Dewbury

MAAC Rep Email: dhupalo@mts.net

Website: www.tbirdcanada.ca

Association’s Theme: Dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of Ford Thunderbirds.

Club Meeting Information: 1st Wednesday of each month. Location may vary.

Triumph Drivers Club of Manitoba

c/o 844 Queenston Bay, Winnipeg, MB R3N OX9

Association Phone: (204)489-8026

Association Email: plandry@shaw.ca

Website: www.britishcar.ca

Association’s Theme: The purpose of the TDC is to bring together all persons interested in the preservation and driving of British Marque sports cars to engage in discussion, lectures, social events and demonstrations to further the life of these cars.

Club Meeting Information: 2nd Thursday of each month on the 2nd floor of the Irish Club, 654 Erin Street @ 8:00pm.

Vintage Cruisers

795 8th Street N.W., Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 3L4

Association Phone: (204)803-9853

MAAC Rep Phone: (204)803-9853

MAAC Rep Name: Lorne Edwards

MAAC Rep Email: into_tin@shaw.ca

Association’s Theme: Open to all makes & models of antique, classic, custom street rod and specialty vehicles.

Club Meeting Information: 2nd Tuesday of each month at Portage Collegiate Auto Shops classroom @ 7:30pm.


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Manitoba Association of Auto Clubs 2011 Affiliated Car Club Listings


Box 2005, Altona, MB ROG OBO

Association Phone: (204)324-9923

Association Email: legendscarclub@mymts.net

MAAC Rep Phone: (204)324-8769

MAAC Rep Name: Lyle Dunsmole

MAAC Rep Email: ldunsmore@live.com

Website: www.legendscarclub.ca

Association’s Theme: Open to all owners or those interested in special interest vehicles.

Club Meeting Information: 2nd Tuesday of each month at W.C. Miller Collegiate in Altona


Box 145, Petersfield, MB ROC 2LO

Association Phone: (204)738-2488 / cell: (204)485-6899

MAAC Rep Phone: (204)738-2488

MAAC Rep Name: Marcel Lemire

MAAC Rep Email: mlem@mymts.net

Association’s Theme: To preserve and admire the workmanship of all antique, classic & special interest vehicles. Totally restored or a work in progress.

Club Meeting Information: 1st Wednesday of each month. April-October @ 7:00pm. Sadie’s Restaurant & Hunts Country Roadhouse.


28 Rockmaple Road, East St. Paul, MB R2E OL8

Association Phone: (204)795-8604

MAAC Rep Phone: (204)795-8604

MAAC Rep Name: Richard Chornick

MAAC Rep Email: rdchornick@shaw.ca

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10 Steps to buying a New Car: Closing the deal

If you feel good about the price you have been quoted, it’s time to take a look at the big picture. Many buyers focus on the cost of the car and ignore the related expenses. Besides the cost, you will have to pay sales tax and various fees which vary from state to state.

The simplest way to estimate total cost is to ask the salesperson to fax you a worksheet and invoice before you go to the dealership. This way you’ll be able to review the figures in a relaxed environment. Compare the numbers from the dealership to those you have calculated and the TMV prices on Edmunds.com.

In some areas of the country, dealers have costs that don’t show up on Edmunds.com invoice prices. This means the Edmunds.com invoice price of the car you are researching might not exactly match the dealer’s invoice. Don’t panic – and don’t begin making accusations. Edmunds.com can’t track all regional fees, such as advertising costs. So, as a rule of thumb, consider the charges on the dealer’s invoice to be nonnegotiable. However, if extra fees are written into the contract ( such as “D&H” or “Administrative Costs”) which seem bogus or redundant, ask to have them removed, or tell they you will take your business to another dealerships.

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Manitoba Association of Auto Clubs 2010 Affiliated Car Club Listings

Amateur autoclubs are very popular both across the world , in Canada and the USA.

288 Wallasey Street Winnipeg, MB R3J 3C1

Association Phone: (204)257-3638 Contact Name: Gerald A. Henry

MAAC Rep Phone: (204)257-3638

MAAC Rep Name: Gerald A. Henry

MAAC Rep email: gahenry@autoclubs.ca

Association Email: gahenry@autoclubs.ca

Website: www.autoclubs.ca


Winnipeg manitoba car club calendar

Its a short drive to the waverly or west pointe auto malls in fort garry


Borderland Auto Club

Email for minutes delivery: ctosche@westman.wave.ca

Association’s Theme: Members from Manitoba and North Dakota

Meeting Information:  No regular meetings scheduled

Association’s theme: members from Manitoba & North Dakota

Manitoba Car Happenings: 4th week of July 2008 « SundayCruiseFever.com – And just in case that’s not enough options for you, head south for the Borderland Auto Club’s 29th Annual International Antique-Classic Show & Shine on Sunday, August 3rd. The show runs from noon to 4 pm at the International Peace …

Meeting information:   No regular meetings scheduled

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Austin-Healey Club of Manitoba

Association email:   webmaster@ahcm.ca

Website:  www.ahcm.ca

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 	 Club Cars at Rendezvous 2008[/caption]