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Porsche Boxster

The entry-level Porsche is proof positive that automotive exhilaration is possible without explosive acceleration.

The Boxster is decently quick (0-100 km/h in 6.6 seconds), but no more than that. The real joy in driving this mid-engined 2-seater comes from its way of doing things rather than what it does: the blood-curdling wail of the exhaust note at 5,000-plus rpm; the near-perfect blend of steering feel and effort; the way you can explore its handling limits without fear that it will turn around and bite you.  Used low km Toyota Nissan . Essentially unchanged for ’99, the Boxster is propelled by a 201-hp, 2.5-litre Boxer six mounted behind the (two) seats. A 5-speed Tiptronic automatic, which permits sequential manual shifting, is optional to the standard 5-speed stick. The soft-top is power operated, an aluminum hardtop is optional.

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1957 Classic Studebaker Silverhawk

Studebaker Silver Hawk – 1957 on Flickr – Photo Sharing! – Studebaker Silver Hawk – 1957.

Car – Studebaker Silverhawk – Studebaker Silverhawk Source: www.studebakerguide.com.

The Studebaker Silver Hawk was an automobile produced between 1957 and 1959 by the Studebaker Corporation of South Bend, Indiana. The Hawk was also produced in 1956. There were four versions, pillared Flight Hawk and Power Hawk, and hardtop Sky Hawk and Golden Hawk. The Silver Hawk model was not produced in 1956, the first year of the Hawks. The same basic car was produced for two more years (1960 and 1961) as simply the Studebaker Hawk, since from 1959 onward no other Hawk models were being sold.


The Silver Hawk was the replacement for the two lower models in the four-model Hawk range in 1956, the Flight Hawk which carried the Champion 185 cu. in., six-cylinder 101 hp (75 kW) powerplant and the Power Hawk with the Commander’s 259 in³ (4.2L) V8. Both of these models were two-door pillared coupes in the US market (based on the 1953 “Starlight” coupe body), and therefore, so was the Silver Hawk, which came in two differently-engined models with either the aforementioned Champion six or the 289 cu. in. (4.7L) President V8 engine (delivering 210 HP from the two-barrel, 225 HP from the four-barrel with dual exhaust). The Commander V8 was not offered in U.S. models; it was, however, the largest engine available in most overseas markets.

Studebaker Silverhawk – “In a ten minute time span, the thieves broke into builder Chris Milano’s warehouse, where the car was being stored, and while in the process of stealing it, bumped a BMW and scratched up a Porsche Boxster and a Studebaker Silverhawk.” …

Studebaker Silver Hawk | Targuman – You know I like photography, well I also like cars. I like them most of all for the aesthetic qualities (since I am unlikely to do anymore than look at the best

In appearance, the Silver Hawk was somewhat plainer in appearance than the Golden Hawk, the senior of the two Hawk models in 1957-58. There was a little bit less chrome, no supercharger or bulge in the hood, and a simpler two-tone paint scheme was adopted – simply one color below the chrome belt line and another above, but unlike the Golden Hawk, the lower color included the fin. Some dealers painted the fin only, and sometimes the deck lid recess and or the left and right “side grills” were painted in a contrasting Studebaker color. These usually matched the interior, some were Blue, Gold, Red or Black and were actually better looking according to many owners than the factory two-tone paint scheme.

1956 Studebaker Power Hawk – This car had the Studebaker Commander engine and it produced 185 horsepower with this V8 engine. This car weighed over 3000 pounds and had a sticker price of around $2100. This car was replaced by the Silver Hawk in the 1957 model year. …In the midst of a financial crisis at Studebaker after a disastrous recession-year performance in 1958, the Golden Hawk was dropped; the Silver Hawk, which had sold somewhat better, was retained in the lineup.

source: http://automobilebrandsofthepast.blogspot.com/2009/03/studebaker-silver-hawk.html

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Studebaker Silver Hawk – 1958 – MR38 posted a photo: Studebaker Silver Hawk – 1958. Riverside Show & Go, 2009.

Studebaker Silver Hawk – Deon Maritz posted a photo: Studebaker Silver Hawk.

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Studebaker Silver Hawk – The Studebaker Silver Hawk was an automobile produced between 1957 and 1959 by the Studebaker Corporation of South Bend, Indiana. The Hawk was also produced in 1956. There were four versions, pillared Flight Hawk and Power Hawk


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