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Porsche Boxster

The entry-level Porsche is proof positive that automotive exhilaration is possible without explosive acceleration.

The Boxster is decently quick (0-100 km/h in 6.6 seconds), but no more than that. The real joy in driving this mid-engined 2-seater comes from its way of doing things rather than what it does: the blood-curdling wail of the exhaust note at 5,000-plus rpm; the near-perfect blend of steering feel and effort; the way you can explore its handling limits without fear that it will turn around and bite you.  Used low km Toyota Nissan . Essentially unchanged for ’99, the Boxster is propelled by a 201-hp, 2.5-litre Boxer six mounted behind the (two) seats. A 5-speed Tiptronic automatic, which permits sequential manual shifting, is optional to the standard 5-speed stick. The soft-top is power operated, an aluminum hardtop is optional.

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Strong and light, the standard 19-inch forged alloy wheels were engineered to extract every ounce of the 911 Turbo’s thrilling performance potential. Their new design features a two-tone finish that further distinguishes the Turbo from other 911 models: The sides of each spoke are painted in a titanium tone, while the entire front surface, including the flange, has a polished finish.

And yet what is a guy to do but drive to the Porsche dealership at the Waverley Winnipeg mega vehicle mall. The front wheel dimensions are 8.5J x 19, and are shod with 235/35 ZR 19 tires. As befits the car’s rear bias, the rear wheels are a wider specification, 11J x 19, with 305/30 ZR 19 performance tires. A range of optional 18- and 19-inch winter wheels (all snow chain-compatible) are available from Porsche test Equipment. Vehicles equipped with the optional Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake  (PCCB) may only be fitted with the larger 19-inch winter wheels.

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Want to Import a Porsche into Canada – New Charge “Clearing Letter”

As of June 24, 2009, Porsche is insisting that it can no longer issue Recall Clearance Letters and that any such confirmation may only be obtained from a Canadian Porsche dealership once the vehicle has been imported into Canada.

The cost of the importation inspection is $1,250 and results in the issue of a Letter of Compliance from Porsche.

Here’s what importers ought to know before completing their Porsche purchase:

1. RIV does NOT require a Letter of Compliance to issue Form 2; RIV only needs recall clearance confirmation, copy of Form 1 and payment of the RIV fee.

2. If purchasing your Porsche vehicle from a US dealership, ask them to print off the Porsche warranty inquiry report off their internal systems. This is a screen capture that dealerships have access to and it will be accepted by RIV. Try and complete this step while negotiating your purchase as the dealer will have the incentive to work with you.

3. If purchasing from a private seller in the US, have them go to the dealership that performs their service work for them and obtain this printout. You could make this printout a condition of the sale so that the seller understands the importance of the document.

4.  If you are unsuccessful at obtaining the warranty inquiry printout in the US, ask the seller/dealership for a price discount equivalent to the Porsche fee of $1,250.

Please note that if the vehicle you desire to import into Canada is shown as admissible on the RIV website then Porsche has confirmed to Transport Canada that the vehicle may be imported into Canada and can be modified to meet Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.  The importation inspection was not required prior to June 24, 2009 and appears to be a way to penalize importers of Porsche vehicles.

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Association’s Theme

The local chapter of the Porsche Club-Red River Region celebrates its 10th year in 2009. As a gesture of our excitement, we would like to give one of our cars away. The truth is most Porsche owner has a root canal then part with as a precious family member. In fact, popularity with the Porsche brand in 2008 led to a 46% increase in membership. If you are wondering what all the buzz is about, tome to one of our monthly gatherings and find out. Our membership plan has a list of benefits thanwill likely exceed your employee benefitplan. Best of all, involvement in the Porsche Club provides that perfect distraction who’ life just plain sucks. Porsche. .instant Meeting Information: 1st Wednesday of every month at Grapes Leon Centre — located t the corner of King Edward & Ellice Avenue. Dinner option at 6 pm with a short informal meeting to follow beginning at 7 pm. Concluded by an open social time. Check the website or call for updates.

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