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Volvo C-70

The C70 Coupe and Convertible look almost too good to be Volvos. Indeed, the Volvo badging is the only thing with a straight line on these cars.

Two new variations are added for a total of four models this year. The HPT models are highly “motorvated” by a 236-horsepower 2.3-litre high-pressure turbo-charged in-line “five”. LPT models do almost as well with the 190-hp 2.4-litre low-pressure turbo motor. In either case, the engines drive the front wheels. For 1999, a new 4-speed electronic adaptive automatic transmission adjusts to the driver’s individual driving patterns. The selectable winter mode is still included. Volvo’s Stability and Traction Control (STC) is available. Increased security is provided by larger Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) airbags and the addition of a Whiplash Protection System.


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Effect of Varying Shaft Speeds

When the two yokes of the drive shaft are “in phase,” the speed of the transmission output shaft and the pinion shaft will be constant and the same if the line of drive of both shafts is uniform. The velocity of the drive shaft will not be constant, but this is unimportant as long as the velocity of the driving and driven shafts is uniform.

When the two yokes are “out of phase,” the rotational speed of the shafts will be uniform only if the shafts are operated in a straight line. When operating at an angle with the yokes “out of phase,” a conventional universal joint will cause the driven shaft to speed up and slow down each revolution. The number of turns per shaft will be the same, but the velocity of the driven shaft will fluctuate.

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