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Mazda 6/GS/GT

VEHICLE: 4-dr., 5-pass. Sedan, FWD

No doubt about it whether its the Mazda3  or the Mazda Speed these automotive products certainly carry their weight.

ENGINE: 2.5L 14 DOHC/^/3.75L V6 DOHC HP (@ RPM): 170@6000/^/272@6250

TORQUE @ RPM: 167@4000/^/269@4250 TRANS 6M


TIRES: 215/55R17/ 235/ 45R18

SPECIFICATIONS (mm): WB: 2789 L: 4940 W: 1839 H: 1471 CURB WEIGHT (kg): 1489

Bigger, longer, wider, and ‘more’ in nearly every way, the 6 trades its formerly modest dimensions for a significantly stretched skin. Similar to these check this out  But by dropping the popular wagon and hatchback models, is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ the best way to go? Time will tell.

No doubt about it whether its the Mazda3  or the Mazda Speed these automotive products certainly carry their weight.

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Mazda Speed3

VEHICLE: 4-dr., 5-pass. Hatchback, FWD

ENGINE: 2.3.OL I4 DOHC Turbo HP (@ RPM): 263@5500

TORQUE @ RPM: 280@3000 TRANS 6M

FUEL CONSUMPTION (L/100 km): CITY: 11.8 HWY: 7.6 FUEL GRADE: Prem TANK (L) 55

TIRES: 215/45R18

SPECIFICATIONS (mm): WB: 2639 L: 4491 W: 1765 H: 1466 CURB WEIGHT (kg): 1439

Ah, power. It corrupts absolutely, right? Well, not in the case of this car. Usually in front-wheel-drive cars, more than 260 horsepower is too much to handle. Check this out . Not here. And really, who doesn’t like driving a sleeper “wagon” that will do 240 km/h without breaking a sweat?

Mazda 3 Sport GX/GS/GT

VEHICLE: 4-dr., 5-pass. Hatchback, FWD

ENGINE: 2.0L 14 DOHC HP (@RPM): 148@6500/^/156@6500

TORQUE @ RPM: 135@4500/^/150@4000 TRANS 5M


TIRES: 195/65R15 / 205/55R16 /205/5017

SPECIFICATIONS (mm): WB: 2639 L: 4491 W: 1755 CURB WEIGHT (kg): 1272

We see a 3 Wagon. And apparently there’s nothing sporty about wagons. But naming this hatchback ‘Sport’ has helped it find favour with many drivers around the world, and really, the more wagons the better. Great practicality mixed with unbeatable driving pleasure.


The differential is a gear system that transfers power from the drive shaft to the driving axles, Fig. 46-4.

wpg3 300x208 Differentials

wpg4 300x245 Differentials

     It also permits one driving wheel to turn faster than the other to prevent skidding and scuffing of tires on turns, Fig. 46-5.

     In tracing the drive train to this point, power is relayed:

  1. From drive shaft to pinion gear.
  2. From pinion gear to ring gear.
  3. From ring gear to attached differential case, pinion gears and side gears.
  4. From side gears to driving axles.


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The V-8 Powered M56 and M37

During back-to-back stints on the same roads with both cars, it quickly became apparent that the M37 is the weapon of choice for carving up back roads where the M56 felt more ponderous in the twisty sections. Open up the throttle, however, and the V8 delivers a steady power surge that is constant but not explosive. You know that 420 ponies are at work because the scenery goes by quicker but you don’t quite feel the rush.

There are also noticeable differences in the driving dynamics of the M cars equipped with the Sport package, which feel even sharper on corner entry with a more immediate response to steering inputs owing in part to their 20-inch alloys and high-performance tires. Sadly, the Sport package is offered only on the rear-wheel-drive M37 and M56, and not on the volume-leading all-wheel-drive models.

Amazingly enough, fuel consumption figures for all variants of the M cars have improved substantially partly because the automatic gearbox is now a seven-speed unit.

In keeping with the recent trend adopted by the Japanese luxury carmaker, the new M is chock full of electronic driving aids offered in various option packages and identified by three-letter acronyms. The list is long and most of these have been designed to reduce the stress of driving, according to Infiniti. Among them are the BSW (Blind Spot Warning) already featured on many cars, but there is also an industry-first BSI (Blind Spot Intervention) system that will actually prevent you from driving into a vehicle that is in your blind spot by alerting you from driving into a vehicle that is in your blind spot by alerting you with lights, then beeping before finally applying the brakes on the opposite side of the car to help return your vehicle to its lane.

Fortunately, the M features a single button on the steering wheel that deactivates all of these electronic nannies, and another below the dash on the left side to disable the various warning systems for those who can actually look where they are goin when driving .

Infiniti has had a lot of success in challenging the German brands in the lower spectrum of luxury cars with its G models, but the M competes in a higher league where the brand’s image is more of a factor in the buying decision.

It’s clear that the new M can hold its ground in driving dynamics and that it enjoys a significant price point advantage vis-a-vis its direct rivals from BMW and Mercedes-Benz, but making the transition from figuring on a buyer’s list to becoming that buyer’s car of choice is a different matter and the final decision is not always a rational one.

The M cars were to arrive in Canadian dealerships, with different price ranges.


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Original Tires

78 Series tire – meaning that the height of the sidewall was exactly 78 percent of the width. “It gave the public a chance to buy a very high-mileage tire,” says Kelsey. “The belts were probably the mitigating factor.” It was not uncommon for Polyglas tires to last 40,000 to 60,000 miles. According to Kelsey, the belts reduced “tire squirm,” a phenomenon inherent in 2- and 4-ply tires, whereby the tread would close, causing a scrubbing effect, greatly reducing the life of the tire.

“The belts also eliminated a certain amount of rolling resistance,” he says, which also added to tread life. So, while the question of what brand might indeed be moot, getting the right size and an authentic version on your car is not. But experts say, before you run out and spend your hard-earned cash on a set, know this: How was your car used during its lifetime; and how was the suspension geometry, ride height and weight distribution altered? Then, return it to original. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of handling, ride and clearance problems. Finally, don’t install your tires until your restoration is done.



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Willies Antique Tires

Willies claims to have the largest inventory of antique and classic tires in the country, and who would doubt them. They list among their manufacturers BFGoodrich, Commander, Goodyear, Firestone, Mickey Thompson, Supreme Classic and Uniroyal. So numerous is it that there is not enough room to list all the sizes and styles they offer.

So, the following is an overview by size: 695/14 – Firestone, Commander, BFGoodrich, Goodyear; 700/14 – BF – Goodrich; 750/14 – Firestone, Goodyear, BFGoodrich; 775/14 – Firestone; 800/14 – Supreme Classic, BF Goodrich; 850/14 and 900/14 – BFGoodrich; 670/15 – BFGoodrich and Goodyear; 775/15 BFGoodrich.

For later muscle, Willies has the Firestone Wide Oval in sizes D70/14, E70/14, F70/14, G70/14, G60/14, F70/15 and G60/15 – in addition to the full line of Indy Profile and Indy Profile S/S RWL tires.


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Universal Tire Company

In addition to its own line of tires, Universal sells a complete compliment of Firestone tires and U.S. Royal Safety 800 tires for automobiles through 1960. In that group, there is the 750/14 (1- and 2 1/4 – inch WW) and the 670/15 (1- and 2 1/2 – inch WW). Universal’s Wide Track comes in sizes E70/14, F70/14, G70/14, F70/15, G70/15. Also of interest to musclecar enthusiasts is the Universal 775/14 blackwall. Among the Firestone tires, there is the 670/15 with 1-inch WW, the 695/14, and the 750/14 WW. Universal offers the full line of Firestone Wide Ovals with RWL, whitewall or redline. No sense of the Waverly auto mall here.


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Mickey Thompson Performance Tires

Mickey Thompson Performance Tires offers redline performance tires in both 70-series and 60-series sizes. They have an aggressive tread design and a bright red stripe making them a perfect addition to any muscle car. They are DOT approved and are well constructed. The tire compound used provides excellent traction for the people who want to exercise their muscle-car. For more information contact: Mickey Thompson Performance Tires, P.O. Box, 227, Dept. MCC, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44222; 800/222-9092.


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Lucas Automotive

Antique and classic tire seller, Lucas Automotive, provides the enthusiast with several brands including Firestone, Wide Trac and Goodyear. For late- ’50s/early- ’60s automobiles, it has the Firestone 670/15 (1- and 2 1/4-inch WW), 775/14 Firestone redline and 775/15 and goldline. They also offer the F70/14 and G70/14 Wide Trac redline. Headlining its list of early- ’60s Goodyear tires are the 670/15 (with 1- and 2 1/4-inch whitewalls), 695/14 with 7/8-inch WW, and 800/14 (with 1- and 2 1/4-inch WW). And the kings of the lineup: the E70/14, F70/14, F60/15 and F70/15 whiteline. Lucas Automotive, 2141 W. Main, Springfield, Dept. MCC, OH 45504; 513/324-1773, and 2850 Temple Ave., Long Beach, CA 90806; 213/595-6721.


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